Tickets Prices in USD

  • This add-on can be purchased at anytime. If you require a specially prepared meal, vegan or otherwise, that cannot be serviced as part of a group buffet, we ask that you purchase this Special Preparation Meal Ticket. With this meal ticket, we will have a specially prepared plate reserved for you at every meal and social event that meets your dietary needs. If you have any questions about this, please email us directly.
  • Our free on-site childcare program, available from 8am - 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, will be run by Sitterwise of San Diego. All children under 12 are welcome! *Please register one ticket per child.**
  • This meal ticket provides access for your Significant Other to our Welcome Reception, breakfast on both talk days, both evening social activities, and brunch on the last day. If you have any special dietary requirements that cannot be accommodated in a buffet, we ask that you also purchase an additional Special Preparation Meal Ticket.
  • Our Opportunity Scholarship is a program designed to ensure that anyone, and everyone, has the opportunity to participate in the unique JSConf experience. Your donation will go towards funding conference tickets, lodging grants, travel grants, and full-ride scholarships for people that would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend. Thank you! **Please Note:** This is a donation to our scholarship program only. Admission to the conference requires the purchase of a General Admission ticket.
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